Privacy Notice Pursuant to the GDPR

1. Controller of data processing:
This privacy notice applies to data processing by:

Ligawest, Melanie Klein, Hoffeldstraß┬če 88, 40235 Düsseldorf

2. Purpose of and legal basis for processing
We process personal data which we have received from you within the framework of our cooperation. Relevant data may include: form of address, given and family name, valid e-mail/postal addresses, telephone numbers (landline and/or mobile), CVs, photos and similar.

Data are collected pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German Federal Data Protection Act provisions to fulfil our obligations under the contract which we concluded with you (“Order/Mandate Contract”).

Data processing will be carried out based on the contract which we concluded with you and/or upon your request and is required according to art. 6(1) sent. 1 point (b) of the GDPR for the purposes stated above for appropriate processing and mutual fulfilment of Mandate Contract obligations.

3. Disclosure to third parties
Your personal data will only be transmitted to third parties if this is required for processing and fulfilling our contractual duties towards you. They will not be transferred to third parties for other purposes, unless you expressly consent to this. Personal data transmission may also mean a transfer of work samples as files and/or films to present them on our website, newsletter platforms or social media.

4. Data storage and erasure
We will store personal data collected in the context of our contractual cooperation only for the cooperation term and erase them in compliance with legal provisions.